Piloxing SSP + Knockout

Every Sat 11.15am (no class on 1st sat of month)

A fun 60min workout that continually burn off your fat 2 hours post-class with sexy, sleek and powerful dancing, boxing and Pilates blocks for weekly SSP class. It’s time to be hot and strong like your coffee because ultimately Piloxing is known to be a powerful stress reliever that will tone up your whole body too!

At the end of every month, studio members will get to experience Piloxing Knockout class, a 45min holistic workout consisting of high intensity Plyometrics and Functional training infused together in the standard Piloxing blocks of Boxing and Standing Pilates done at our studio’s rooftop, outdoor for a boost of Vitamin D!

*Please bring along your towel and shower gels if you’d like to use our showering facilities during the outdoor Piloxing Knockout session on every last Saturday of the month.


Every Wednesday 7.30pm-8.30pm

Beginner friendly and open to all levels of fitness levels. Imagine doing barre without the barre stand! This fun hybrid class of dance, Pilates and Yoga is creatively sequenced for you to be at the centre of the class. You'll get to tone up your body through isometric strength training (holding your body still while contracting a specific set of muscles) with various resistance equipments such as dumbbells, resistance bands and even Pilates ball. Just don't sweat the small stuff when your muscles are crying from the high reps of small range-of-motion movements and pulses to the beat of awesome music when the instructor is looking at you!


MetaFit 30

Every Tuesday 9-9.30pm (30mins)

This class is meant for you if you are totally looking for an interesting way to burn fat for fun! It is believed to be particularly effective for toning, developing a slimmer, stronger physique through high-intensity workout including a series of body-weight exercises with interval style training, increase your resting metabolism to burn off your fat longer after workout.

Designed by a former marine, the late Daniel, this class is designed to perform 30min only but you will train hard with guidance. It’s suitable for everyone and the exercises are adjustable. No class is the same from the previous one, that's one thing for sure!

At the end of every month, studio members will get to explore MetaPWR, a metabolic resistance workout, combining bodyweight and weighted compound exercises with little rest to maximise calorie burn and increase the metabolic rate during and after the workout.



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