Parenthood is nothing more than a joyous milestone for every couple but did you know that it’s sneaky too? You think you’re just raising a child, teaching this little person how to live (within the utero) and be in this lovely, chaotic world (post-birth) but in truth you’re learning and growing right alongside him. If your heart remains open and your mind stay conscious, you’ll find parenthood the ultimate journey of self-discovery and that, through raising this precious being that has been entrusted in your care, you rise to your own fullest potential and being an amazing supportive co-parent to one another. In couple prenatal therapy, couples will be taught the art of letting go techniques, use different types of love languages, couple stretches and floor work to enhance the intimacy, build cohesive trust and bond towards one another.


It is important to learn that not only it’s the mother’s job to dilate during birth but her baby has an integral role at birth to rotate well for a birth-ease experience. Through knowledge and childbirth simulation practice, couples will be able to understand the 3 important birth elements that helps to onset the stages of labor more progressively. By acquiring confidence, couples will then be introduced integral pain management and relaxation techniques to assist in the laboring mother’s progression during birth.

We can’t deny that in the modern birthing world as shown in Netflix and TV, shows that the only way to give birth is to be on the bed with their legs up on a stirrup - any desire to move is frowned upon the doctors and midwives. Take back your right to birth-ease in learning recommended birthing methods and gravity-approved positions for the laboring mother such as sidelying position, kneeling on hands & knees and assisted squat which will help to ease open the sacrum by 2mm more and the amazing pelvis 28% more at birth.

Why join?

Some women need to do more than sit up to bring their baby to an optimal position. These women may need to address tightness, twists or even slack muscles, joints, and ligaments before gravity from maternal positioning will work to provide ease for her pregnancy discomforts, flip a breech or turn a posterior or transverse baby. Hence a pregnancy routine for comfort and easier childbirth includes:

  • The moral support of a husband who understands and is knowledgeable to improve her daily essentials of muscles lengthening and full range of motion.

  • Explore the husband’s role at birth & how he can be a strong advocate to overcome the uncertainties and expectations of labor.

  • Understanding the need of a birth-plan to minimise interventions and maximise pleasurable birthing experience for both of you.


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$200/couple inclusive of refreshment and notes.