Yoga Instructor 

Certified in: 200HR Hatha Yoga, Marina Yoga Krabi Thailand & 100HR Pre Natal and Post Natal Yoga, Omshantih Yoga Singapore. 

Teaches: Cardio Blast, Every Tuesday, 8.30PM.


As a former hotelier expert for over a decade, Selfira Kiki was introduced to Yoga after a lifetime of bad postures from her busy career. She believes that Yoga can touch anyone in unexpected and wonderful ways. The notion of sharing the knowledge with the community came to her in a flash during her 200 hours Hatha yoga teacher training in Thailand. Beneath the asana (posture), her message is consistent: Focus on the process of self-discovery rather than the goal of perfecting pose. She also took further in depth study in 100 hour Pre Natal and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore.

1. List 5 things people don't know about you.

  1. A little nuts, sometimes.
  2. If I am not a yogi, I’d rather be a watercolourist or a farmer who grow her own veggies and owns bunch of cute bunnies.
  3. I'm an Indonesian at heart, once lived in Holland, Middle East, Bali and finally anchored my heart for Singapore!
  4. Some activities on my bucket list are: swimming with Whaleshark in Raja Ampat, Seafood BBQ-ing in Flores, go on Hajj to Mecca!
  5. I love my family & friends because I feel safest when I'm surrounded by those who love and support me.

2. Why should people come to Her Tribe Studio??

Even on those off days when you're not sure you should have gotten out of bed, come for a workout with Her Tribe Team and you will go home feeling good about yourself.

As we constantly read about how exercise can help to increase our energy, health, and well being. It’s an amazing place to come and challenge ourselves to make a change to our own personal lifestyle. Have better endurance for every day chores in and around the house and feel stronger.

I am so glad that E Tribe is here and hope it stays for a very long time, making our community a healthy one.

3. What’s your message to the tribe?

I hope you find the courage to live from the heart with compassion and love. You can step into this practice in a way that opens you up to the people around you and you don't have to be fluent in your asana practice, but you do have to give it everything you've got. Make a difference okay?