Maya ismail

Yoga Instructor

Certified in: 200HR Ascend Yoga Therapy & 50HR YogaCo Immersion 

Teaches: Aroma Core, Every Saturday, 10AM

As a full-time working mother, Maya first discovered yoga in an attempt to find a treatment for her long drawn lower back pain which got worse after the birth of her third child in 2010. She immediately fell in love with Yoga through it's physical benefits that she reaps with each posture from every class. She also stumbled upon a self-discovery when she practiced emotional release and felt light inside out.

In 2017, she made a game changing decision to undergo 200-hour aromatherapy teacher training to have a deeper understanding of her practice and how yoga is not only limited to self-gain but beneficial to all who practice and welcomes her guidance and experiences to find self-acceptance on and off the mat!

1. What can you expect from my class?

A safe and struggle-free environment of course! Whether it's about find your calm in your chaos through breath works, you'll be happy to know I've curated easy sequencing and hands-on assistance to guide you through every breath!

2. List 5 things about yourself, people donโ€™t know!

  1. Only eat ice cream when its melted
  2. I learnt to cycle at 16 y/o and swim at 21 y/o!
  3. I dont watch horror movies but love listening to horror stories
  4. I love practicing Ashtanga yoga!
  5. I'm more into black hijab than printed or pastel actually!

3. What is your quote to live by?

Alhamdulillah, Always!