Always a safe, hijab-friendly sanctuary for every women.


Her Tribe was founded by Nura Ahmad in 2013, with the single intention to empower women from all walks of life towards holistic healing in a safe women-only classes that’s hijab friendly. As a colon cancer survivor, her story has been addressed live on Suria's teleshow, Check Up Minggu Ini, written on Berita Harian and appraised by the community, ministers and local media for her passion to continue serving the community even though she was heavily pregnant with her miracle child on Berita Harian Gah! 

After 5 years of inspiring the community towards holistic wellness in all areas of Singapore (mainly Jurong, Woodlands and Eunos), on August 2018, Her Tribe finally housed their first signature holistic Yoga and Cardio wellness classes in a comfortable wellness space in Wis@Changi. Our team and services may be a handful but we are surely not limited to ensure we give our best to you.

We’re stronger and unstoppable together. The bedrock of our tribe is a community made up for amazing (really, amazing) women who inspires us.

When we set out to create Her Tribe, we wanted to create a place that was home to ALL the things we only wish we had access to when we were just starting out in having a well-balanced (and intentional) lifestyle. Because honestly, knowledge sharing is power.

Whether you are a Youth, Retired woman, Career-driven women and or Stay/Work at home mother in our tribe, you’re here finally! Now it’s time to be limitless, get to work, we’ll be cheering you on, in our warm yet supportive hijab friendly women-only holistic wellness classes which you’ll keep craving for more. It’s the experience you’re after.