Let's face it: the prenatal and postnatal blues are no joke! Whether you’re a first time mother or a veteran mother, surely she wished she should known before and along the way of motherhood at one point of time. Becoming a mother, everything has been heavier. Everything. Your heart, your tears, your thoughts, your pain, your happiness, your guilt, all of your emotions, all of your limbs. Everything. Each step you take is a weighted shuffle of the feet, desiring to go in two different directions, tripping over one another, indecisive, and heavy. It’s a lot to carry. It’s heavier than you thought it would be. It has been unexpected, and it has been difficult. But you know what? You are not alone, a village of likeminded mothers from all walks of life have come together through us.


It’s important to have a good balance of rest and activity. PreNatal and PostNatal exercises improves sleep (we don’t think it’s a big secret, sleep becomes very important while pregnant and when you begin parenting). It is also important to avoid being stressed in order to help with the development of the brain and spinal cord which will effect the future cognitive development of your child during pregnancy. Prenatal care can prevent live long diseases that can cause and are caused by premature births. This can result in organs and mussels that are not properly developed.

  • Being active during pregnancy - it is important to stay active during pregnancy because it will help with stress during pregnancy which will effect your child's health.

  • Rest during pregnancy - also improves the health of the baby because it allows for the mothers body to concentrate on growing the fetus.

Postnatal care continues to support and guide the mothers during their postnatal period. Once the baby is born, you may feel overwhelmed due to the new roles. You are likely to feel inadequate and even start doubting your maternal abilities. When your baby cries uncontrollably, you require the assurance that you are doing everything humanly possible for your baby. By understanding the development of your child's brain development, will ensure your easy transition as you relish the joy of motherhood to take into account of their progression including:

  • Physical

  • intellectual

  • language

  • Emotional

  • Social Skills


Real queens lift each other up


Our prenatal yoga classes are beginner's friendly and suitable for second trimester onwards till full term. We provide modifications and props to create balance and movement in your pelvis, ligaments, muscles and tissues prior to labor while exploring yoga poses to achieve a birth-ease experience.


Our postnatal core classes are gently sequenced to suit every postpartum mothers to regain her balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. You will learn multi-level of strength training, yoga stretches, Pilates Matwork and functional core sequences to help you bounce back to healthier and stronger you as you complement to your everyday activities, like picking up a toddler, carrying your laptop bag, hoisting a gallon of milk, or lugging a heavy grocery bag.

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