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Book-in directly with our new booking system!

Beauty sleep is not just a necessary means of survival, it's important for self-care! No more waiting on booking confirmation or even waitlist when you can have the control of booking on your own now! Stay updated on upcoming changes and goodness directly โ€“ we'll keep you updated on it ahead of time for sure!


Faster checkout, self check-in & more!

Let's make haste to seal in your resolutions/wellness goals! As a HERoine member, you'll be able to top up your package before it expires because we know how much you want to continue! Running late for class? Worry not, we won't cancel your booking - just whip out your phone to self-check in after class because #thisisadulting! We trust you, completely!

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Knowledge sharing is power!

When we set out to create Her Tribe, we wanted to create a place that was home to ALL the things we only wish we had access to when we were just starting out in having a well-balanced (and intentional) lifestyle. Beyond our physical safe haven, you will find more (w)holistic goodness coming your way - Podcasts, more eBooks & more! Because honestly, knowledge sharing is power.