Starting out as a Trial for Bbarreless class with Justina. I find it something new & decided to give it a try & I’m surprised that I LOVE IT! As described, it is a fun hybrid class with Justina! Thumbs up!! I will be coming for more!
— Rynn

I really love how Nura is able to cater to my body’s needs for the postnatal core classes I have with her. She is also very patient in guiding me throughout the classes and ensuring that I am able to help me improve my body’s condition and strengthen my weakened muscles after having given birth some months ago. Love the place as well - very cosy and inviting!
— Khairiyah

My favourite exercise studio in Singapore! Muslim friendly, bright, airy studio and awesome instructor and team.
— Simah

Her Tribe makes you feel good - in every sense even if I’m barre-ly alive. I love this place. While “small” it has everything I need to get back in shape, in a very supportive, non-intimidating atmosphere.

Really appreciate all the little touches, gestures, that makes one feel encouraged to continuously do better. No matter your size, shape, or age Her Tribe fosters a sense of community that is just so welcoming and kind.
It’s only been a month here for me, no regrets, just wished I’d found them sooner!
— Nury Atikah

I had a great prenatal and postnatal experience with Nura! Nura’s prenatal yoga taught me so much beneficial technique that even as a first-time mom i was confident of what my body could do. She was even willing to help offline, through WhatsApp with advices and recommendations of exercises to do when i was nearing labor (& it definitely help!). With such a great prenatal experience, i was definitely sure who i would find for my postnatal classes. My postnatal core classes have been nothing but fruitful & amazing. Felt much stronger after each session. It felt very personalized. And Nura gives the best shoulder massages! :)
— fitriah

Had a really great experience with instructor Ezan’s Aroma Flow after a hard workout with Piloxing. Yoga flow were easy to follow, definitely good for beginners and combining aromatic essential oils during yoga makes the session even better! I would love to join again with my mother next time!
— Nurisnira
Beautiful enclosed studio for ladies to keep fit, patient & encouraging instructors, affordable packages and near the MRT. Best fitness studio ever!
— Jumaesah
We had an amazing time together during Mums&Bubs Yoga. Thank you for having us! I know it doesn’t look like it (lol) but Ilhami was such a happy baby doing stretching and strengthening exercises with mommy! Bestfriends forever k.
— Sadelena
Started my yoga classes a few months back & alhamdulillah I’m still at it now. Her Tribe offers all women wholistic wellness classes, so I’m super comfortable with that. Aroma Core with Maya is good, she teaches building core strength & always aware not to push too hard so you know you’re in good hands. Kiki’s Cardio Blast is fast paced & enjoyable you’ll definitely break a sweat in her class. I enjoy both classes, throw in some essential oils & a little massage to the head/shoulder at the end and I have that complete workout! :)
— Hirwani

The bbarreless class with Justina was intense but fun! Just the warmup alone made me sweat a lot. My arms were on fire! I enjoyed the bbarreless session and I think it’s great training for many of the unused muscles in my body!
— Shabrina
Love the cosy and muslimah friendly studio. Dedicated & friendly Instructors . Best of all during yoga classes we are given drops YL essential oil to try. Always a relaxing experience here!
— Roszana

An assuring and comforting session of Cardio Blast every time. Focused on different segments of body in every lesson making class unique and always enjoyable by Kiki, the expert! Of course, a very friendly and accommodating Nura who always answers to queries!

Loving every bit of this new relationship and looking forward to making it a very long lasting relationship.

So HERoines, give a try, a worthy experience!
— Aini

My favourite exercise studio in Singapore!
Awesome Muslim friendly exercise studio. Filled with positive energy and vibes. Instructors are dedicated personnels and are willing to help you out!
Good job Her Tribe!
— Simah

I have never attended prenatal yoga session and it was my first with Nura. I have to be real honest in saying she knows her thing. I have aches in certain part of my body given 37 weeks pregnant and her yoga stretches just hit the point. Feels super awesome! Atmosphere was conducive too, the class isn’t large and it feels like an intimate session for us momma. Definitely recommending to all momma to be! Cant wait for my next session!!!
— Nuratiqah
Bbarreless was AMAZING!! Haha. It’s really tiring that’s for sure, but it felt so great. The experience was really wonderful. The aches & pains afterwards, and the way Justina encourage and push us was “no words”, because I just love it.
— Inch

Nura’s naturally warm personality is the icing on the sugar to her prenatal classes! She pushes your growing body beyond your limits and no one class is exactly the same. You also learn a thing a two about your body and your baby inside of you through her sessions. Beautiful soul - highly recommended!
— Raihana